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Spring/Summer Sand

The Spring and Summer volleyball leagues are both 9-week seasons, with a week for tournament play at the conclusion. We offer semi-competitive and competitive skill levels.


Spring sand volleyball runs from the beginning of April through mid-June with a bye week for Memorial Day weekend. Summer sand volleyball runs from late-June through late-August.

Fall/Winter Indoor

The Fall and Winter volleyball leagues are both 10-week seasons, with a week for tournament play at the conclusion. We offer four skill levels.


Fall Volleyball runs from mid-September through late-November. Winter Volleyball runs from January through mid-March with a break over Super Bowl weekend.

2023 Sand Volleyball Leauge Information

6:30 REC/Intermediate -- A fun and casual league where the focus is on fun. Teams do whatever it takes to keep the ball from falling to the ground and only the most egregious rule violations are called. 

7:30 Intermediate -- All teams attempt to use 3 hits and better the ball at every opportunity. Defensive systems are organized and should be able to keep most non-hard driven balls in play. All players have some idea of the basic rules and can do most of the basic volleyball skills at an intermediate level. (Pass/Dig/Set/Hit/Block/Serve)

8:30 Intermediate/Competitive -- All teams are able to use 3 hits and convert any non-heavy driven ball into an attack most of the time. Teams have solid defense and passing and are able to adjust their strategies based on the opponent they are playing. Unforced errors are rare. Players have a pretty good understanding of the rules are able to call most of their own rule violations when playing.

W8 Standings 6.30 jpg.jpg
W8 Standings 7.30 jpg.jpg
W8 Standings 8.30 jpg.jpg

2020 Winter volleyball rules

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