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All member please look into downloading the Stack Team App. We will be using this app to help keep communication between teams on each sport we are offering. The leagues have OGLBT before each sport (ex: OGLBT Softball League). This will have schedule and we can put in live scores each week. This will also allow us to have a standing sheet.
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Sports Player Waiver

Player Registration & Waiver


Waiver and Release of Liability: By my signature, intending to be legally bound, here by myself, my heirs, executor and administrators indemnify and hold harmless from all causes of action and waive and release any and all rights from claims for loss or damages suffered by me for any reason what-so-ever, including, negligence on the part of this event, which may arise against Omaha GLBT Sports and its officers, the organizers of the event and its activities, representatives, successors, and assigns for any and al injuries suffered by me in this event. Furthermore, by my signature, intending to be legally bound, hereby, my heirs, executor and administrators understand that I will be participating in a public event and specifically consent to be photographed, videotapes, or filmed by anyone during the activities of the even and acknowledge that my photograph, videotape, or other form of publication of me may appear in the media. By signing this document I also waive my right to any refund if I shall resign, quit, or be banned from Omaha GLBT Sports and its events. I understand that I can be held liable for damage to the facility or equipment through overly aggressive play or other negligent actions and may be required to repair or pay for repairs caused by my actions.

Signing this waiver I verify that I am physically fit and have sufficiently trained for this event and that I am at least eighteen (18) years or that I am not yet eighteen (18) years of age but have obtained and will present the signature of my Parent or Legal Guardian. In addition. Iwill not be under the influence of alcoholor drugs during participation of event. In addition, Iacknowledge that Iwill comply with the Rules &Regulations, Code of Conduct of Omaha GLBT Sports and the restrictions, published or announced, by the organizers of the event, as a player, spectator, official, or volunteer.

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